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Oh MIA, Por Favor Hablar Despacio!

Todas Personas Hablan Espanol

Oh Miami International Airport, I love that I can get for real cafe con leche and guava and cheese pastelitos here! And that I can practice my Spanish because no one is speaking English. TSA was a breeze, except this time Noah's bag got the search. Amusing, since I was the one packing mini bottles of Jameson in mine. Adam is traveling with the REI backpack I used when my thirteen year old self travelled to Europe. It puts a smile on my face.

So, with two hours to spare, we found an empty hallway in F terminal and had our version of sack races and parkour. Adam designated gate F8 as our yoga terminal. Then we played MadLibs. I have to wear them out - we won't be in Madrid for 8 hours! And we don't get there till tomorrow! I'm still convinced red eye is the way to go. We're all excited and ready to board.


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Miami today, Lisbon tomorrow!

The journey begins

The planes on the tarmac sparkle in the sun, taunting us - so close, yet so far. Three hours early for our flight to Lisbon by way of Philly and as people board their planes to foreign destinations far and wide, we wait. On the bright side, we somehow got steered through TSA express service and no one said anything about the little bottle of Baileys Irish Cream and Malibu Banana Rum clanking around in our bag. Poor Adam was pulled aside to have his hands swabbed for some nefarious residue and he looked at me like they were about to haul him into some back room for a rigorous interrogation. So now we're settled in terminal E, hunched over our cafe con leche, waiting for the crackly voice over the intercom telling us our turn has come.

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